Harry Potter Tour in London: What's Included and How to Get There

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Harry Potter Tour in London: What's Included and How to Get There

In this guide, we'll see everything you need to know to visit Harry Potter Studios, including how to get there.

If you are a Harry Potter admirer who is visiting the UK, there is a good chance that you will tour the Harry Potter Studio Tour near London. This tour, from Warner Bros Studio, where most movies have been filmed, is a great experience and well worth taking even if you are not a fan of Harry Potter.

You can visit sites like the Great Hall, the railway station, and many photo locations from inside Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest, and even the Dijon Alley.

In addition to visiting the stages of films, you will also learn everything about how films are made, and you will see many movie accessories, you can share the magic of the green screen, you will have the opportunity to try Butterbeer and of course, buy all the goods Harry Potter can imagine!

Where is the Harry Potter Studio tour?

Harry Potter Studio Tour takes place at Warner Bros, which is located in Leavesden, England? This is about 20 miles northwest of London.

The Warner Bros. Studio is a fully functional cinematographic studio, one of the largest in the UK, and several movies have been filmed here, including all Harry Potter and some Star Wars films, Batman, The Mission: Impossible.

How to get to the Harry Potter Tour

You have two key options to reach the Harry Potter Studio Tour: you can take a tour that includes your transportation, or you can take your way by public transport or by car.

We will review these two options so you can make the right decision about which one is best for you.

By Tour

Sure, the most comfortable option to reach Harry Potter Studios is to take a return tour.

These tours depart from several places around London (and other parts of the UK), and the scheduled entrance with pre-booking of Studio Tour and the means of transportation to and from the collection point is included in the price of your tour.

Some options include:

  • This tour leaves London Victoria bus station
  • Another tour departs from London Victoria Bus Station
  • A slightly longer 4-hour studio tour departs from Kings Cross Station in London
  • A fully guided tour of Harry Potter Studios, which includes return transportation

As you can see, there are numerous options! We have more information on all of this in the section below on how to buy your tickets for Studio Tour.

By public transport

From central London, it is straightforward to reach Harry Potter Studios by public transportation. You will take the train from Euston to Watford Junction.

After that, you should take a dedicated shuttle bus run by Studio Tour that runs from the outskirts of Watford Junction Station (which is a good sign), which takes you directly to the studios.

By car

It is relatively easy to reach Harry Potter Studios by car. Depending on the time of day and the exact place of departure and pass, the journey from central London takes approximately one to ninety minutes.

From Oxford, is it about an hour and a half from Birmingham? Visitors who have pre-purchased valid travel tickets can benefit from free parking on site. Please note that you cannot enter the parking area without a valid ticket or confirm a valid reservation for that day.