How to Fix Pink Materials in Unity

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How to Fix Pink Materials in Unity

Learn how to fix the pink material error in Unity.

Pink materials happen from time to time in Unity, and it's because you're currently using a rendering pipeline that is not compatible with the materials of the scene you're working on.

So what should you do when your materials turn pink on an imported Unity asset or project that you or someone else has worked on? There's actually a built-in solution for this kind of problem — here's how to fix it.

Fix Pink Materials in Unity

The way to fix pink materials in Unity is to convert the pink materials, which is probably all of the materials in case you have this very problem right now, after you imported a demo scene or project to learn from.

  1. While in the scene that has the pink materials, open up the Edit Menu
  2. Select Render PipelineUniversal Render PipelineUpgrade Project Materials to UniversalRP Materials
  3. If you want to only fix your currently selected materials, select Upgrade Selected Materials to UniversalRP Materials instead

After a moment or two your scene is now fixed, and the pink materials has been replaced by the correct materials for your current project's rendering pipeline.

Trigger the Pink Material Problem

If you want to try the solution of the pink material problem but you don't have any pink materials, there's a way to get them.

  1. First, create a project using the Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP).
  2. Once created, load the free asset RPG Poly Pack, which is made for the High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP).
  3. Open up the scene called rpgpp_lt_scene_1.0 and behold — you have pink materials!

That's all for now!